celebrations are my passion.


I clearly remember being in Kindergarten and filling out my “What do you want to be when you grow up?” sheet with two reasonable life paths: Astronaut or Attorney. I drew myself in a space suit hanging out with Saturn’s rings, and then myself in a little black skirt suit, briefcase in tow. Because, options.

They say we can be anything we want to be; we can do it all. But lord, when did we decide that meant we had to do it all?

I never made it to the space program, instead taking a detour to the Journalism building, where I did the PR thing; I fell headfirst into brand development and ad campaigns and marketing plans, but a quick decade and a few kids later, I found my passion in making life a bit more sparkly and fun a little closer to home.

I’m a mama, stepmama, and wifey with a traveling husband who makes it all worth it when he turns up on the weekends. I tear through coffee and books like oxygen, and somewhere along the way, I figured out I was going to stop trying to do it all.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and I am a huge advocate for outsourcing your weaknesses: the stuff you don’t feel you do well, the stuff you don’t have time to do, or even just the stuff you don’t like to do. With this concept in mind, I founded Add A Little Confetti. For me, creating celebrations and creating memories and creating all the extra moments in between is fun. Whether it’s a birthday, a back to school, a new baby, or a new brand, I love any opportunity to pop a bottle and throw a party. Life is busy; confetti makes it fun.

xx Caroline



Add A Little Confetti is a lifestyle events brand founded to simplify the art of celebration. Celebrate with bespoke gifts and affairs to remember, curate personalized party pieces and the magic of motherhood, or add that little something extra to your brand experience. Our mission is to make life easier for women, however many hats they’re wearing. Confetti on.