You wanna know who deserves to be loved on? Mothers. Mamas. Mommies. Nanas and Nonnies and grandmas of all varieties.

And I promise you they don’t want macaroni necklaces and breakfast in bed made by a toddler chef. Or brunch anywhere, for that matter, if it includes tantrums brought on by having to wait too long and kids getting too hungry and too tired. She doesn’t want sticky hands or messy diapers or “Mommy, I need some water with ice and I dropped my fork on the floor four inches away from me and can you get it and also I need to go potty. Again.”

You know what she wants? She wants quiet. Peace and quiet. And wine. And chocolate. And coffee. And sleep. And not necessarily in that order, but if she’s anything like me, she’ll take what she can get.

And while flowers definitely don’t hurt, chocolate-filled flowers are the very best kind. We revamped our super popular wine bottle label just for Mother’s Day, so stick a photo of the kids in and give her exactly what she wants this year. Because it’s a good thing they’re so cute.

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