mom magic.

You know that Fairy Godmother hustle. No little eyes allowed.

Beauty queens, titans, gladiators + men.

At the start of this era, Brad married Jen.

The year was smooth, like Santana + Rob.

Remember when Angie was Mrs. Billy Bob?


The end of the world: off were all bets.

Over at Wimbledon, Venus won at the nets.

In the Big Apple, the Yankees took the win.

Then on Pennsylvania Ave, Dubya moved in.


Harry P had his goblet of fire,

And Creed insisted on going higher.

Breathe, said Faith; oops! said Britney.

Grammar the lesson with rural Nelly.


Have fun with this Confetti game:

That year, Beyonce said, say my name.

Justin said, it’s gonna be May.

Enter the year if you want to play.